Welcome to my Retirement is not a Dirty Word website.

Many of us drift into retirement, others count the days while some get pushed.  Regardless of how you get there. Retirement is inevitable it is just the age that differs.  Let me tell you why Retirement is Not a Dirty Word.

Welcome to Retirement Is Not a Dirty Word


  1. The people who eagerly anticipate plan their retirement and know what they will do when work is over for them.
  2. The drifters retire with no plans of how to fill their days now that work has gone.
  3. Those who are pushed are the hardest hit.  They have no plans, have not prepared themselves financially or emotionally for the huge change in their lives.


Group one has planned for this major change in their lives for a long time.  They are financially and emotionally able to cope with this major change in their lives.

Group two, who have drifted along, not thinking or planning for their future, are often the ones who don’t take well to retirement when it arrives.  Often it is people in this group who have difficulty is adjusting to this major lifestyle change.  They have not planned for living on a greatly reduced income and find themselves in financial difficulties.  They have not cultivated interests that they can continue with after retirement.  Their friends tend to be with their workmates and with retirement this can mean loneliness for them.  They are also the ones who become depressed.

Group Three have the greatest struggle of all.  Losing their job before they reach retirement age is more traumatic than any other time in your life.  Jobs are hard enough to get when you are young but when you are pushing retirement age it is often impossible.  Regardless of your skills and experience employers are usually not interested when you are over 55 years old.



How To Handle The Change

I created this website to help people who have retired and are struggling with filling their days and coping with this huge change in their lives.   My website is about the problems and possibilities that come with retirement.

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Welcome to Retirement is Not a Dirty Word



For me, and many others, retirement has not meant the end of a productive life.  It has been a new and exciting beginning. Life after retirement can be more rewarding than you think.

Retirement Not A Dirty Word



6 Thoughts to “Welcome”

  1. Roy

    Retirement is a beautiful word ! They talk about the golden years and that is what they are.
    You are so right with your three classes of retirees. And even more right when you mentioned that when one goes on pension one has to stay active in mind and body.
    Regarding the finances: We will never know whether we have enough money. But why worry about it. Live each day as it comes and as you say stay have a social life and be a part of the world.

    1. Margaret Kennedy

      Hi Roy,

      They really are the golden years for many.  It is all about accepting and adjusting to change don’t you think?

      I have always thought worrying about anything was a destructive waste of time.  it changes nothing and ruins the time you have.  As circumstances change we are smart and we learn to adjust to the changes.

      Thanks for sharing your comment with me.



  2. Simon

    I don’t even think about retirement these days as I have fallen into your Group 3.

    Previously a butcher I was removed by Government’s policies through my crime of running an honest legitimate business earning minimum wage and enjoying myself serving the local community.

    After being kicked out, my butchering qualifications serve no interest for today’s job market, I have asked for help but I’m not entitled to anything in accomplishing employment whatsoever. After applying for jobs for about 10 years left me searching for another avenue and started my own career in affiliate marketing. I have always had the attitude to do my best to which I do now and hopefully one day………………..

    Believe me when the door is shut in your face like it did for me, depression does step in, it’s awful hence my decision to find an alternative solution. I just hope the future works out however if affiliate marketing does work out for me, this can be run way into retirement, reason I never think about it nowadays.
    Do you have retirement plans?

    1. Margaret Kennedy

      Hi Simon,

      Thank you for sharing your story.  It is hard when something like that happens and makes picking yourself up and moving past it a very difficult journey.

      I did not have retirement plans when I was pushed into retirement and it took awhile for me to get back on my feet.  Eventually, I did just what you are doing and got into online marketing.  Wealthy Affiliate taught me everything I needed to know and I love them for it.  Without them, I would not be where I am today.

      I am sure you will succeed.  You have the motivation and drive that is needed to succeed.

      My very best wishes to you


  3. teachexplorerun

    Life can throw curveballs. My family brings up retirement since I work abroad. However, I feel like I save so much more working in different countries and I also am able to travel around the world. I feel like I would fall into camp 1 because I think people initial think retirement means your heading towards the end. I would be happy to work til I am 70, but sadly jobs abroad have age restrictions.

    1. Margaret Kennedy

      nd thanks for your thoughts on retirement.

      I was like you, I was going to work until I dropped and then, because I worked in aged care they could just pop me into a spare bed.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work that way but I have never been one to sit around and wait for something to happen.

      I now have my own online business and  I play bowls so I am busy every day of my life.  For me Retirement has been the best time of my life.  I just had to make it happen.

      All the best to you


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