Retired Bored and Depressed?- What Can You Do

Retirement is a big step for many of us.  We fight it to the bitter end, but eventually, it becomes inevitable and some of us find ourselves retired, bored and depressed, so what can we do about it?  Perhaps the first thing is to start looking at retirement as a beginning, not an ending.  We could also compare it with the alternative.  We are here, we are on top of the grass and most of us are still up to being productive, contributing members of our community.  So here is the thing, let’s not turn into boring old farts, let’s put a spring in our step and a sparkle in our eyes and get out there and dazzle the world.

Retired Bored and Depressed


Baby Boomers and Society  

Many of us were born after WWII during the baby boom and we are the people who changed society.  The Silent Generation sat back and accepted life as it was but we fought for change and we got it.  We fought for Civil Rights in the US, we fought for women’s  equality in education and the workplace and we got it.  Now we are retiring and we will fight for the rights of the elderly and we will succeed.

Already the baby boomers are bringing about changes to retirement.  Over fifties, gated villages are  springing up giving retirees a comfortable, improvements  wesafe lifestyle as they age.  They enjoy living in a community of people their own age with similar interests and those interests are catered for by the village managers.  Residents of these villages have far more say in how the village should be run and what facilities they want in the villages.

Changes to the care we give to our less independent elderly is strictly controlled by the government and it is strongly focused on giving  residents in care a homelike environment with activities to keep them entertained.  Aged care homes have improved since our parents and grandparents day and this change was fought for by the baby boomers.

Even with all the improvements we have experienced during our lifetime retirement can come as a smack in the face when we find ourselves dealing with one of the biggest changes we have ever had to cope with.

Boredom and Depression

Many of us have come from management positions and held positions of responsibility that gave our life meaning.  Now, suddenly, you wake up with nothing to do and the realization that you have no power or control over anything.  Although that is not quite true.   Even though you have power and control over how you spend your day that feeling of being disempowered is there, hanging over you like a dark cloud.

During the first weeks of retirement, we tend to catch up on all those jobs that we didn’t get to when we were working.  We clean the windows, mow the lawns, weed the gardens, trim the shrubs and wash down the house.  That keeps us busy in the short term but what we really need to look at is a long-term solution on how to fill our days and a way to enjoy our life.

It is when we don’t have a plan about how to keep occupied and enjoy our retirement long term that we start to get bored and that can lead to depression.  Ideally, we have made our plans before we retired and have interests that we can continue enjoying after we retire.  Being prepared is half the battle to stave off boredom and depression.

Those of us who have no plan, who have not cultivated interests that we can continue with after retirement are the ones most likely to become depressed.  They are the ones who see years of boredom and often loneliness stretching endlessly before them.


It’s Never Too Late to Change YourLife

There are dozens of ways to fill our days when we retire.  Most charities are dependent on retirees to keep their doors open.  Meals on Wheels, Charity stores, charities for the homeless, volunteers to help children with their reading and writing and many others depend on willing retirees to put their hands up to help out.  even Guide Dogs for the Blind want volunteers to take care of the young puppies before they go into training and animal shelters are always looking for people to help out.

If you are a golfer, lawn bowler, croquet player or play tennis or table tennis you will stay healthy well past your retirement age.  Sporting groups are a great place to build friendships and social networks that will continue after you have retired and your work friendships have slowly faded away.

Many retirees are starting their own business.  A recent survey in Australia showed that there were more senior citizens starting a new business than younger people.  These retirees have drawn on a lifetime of experience and used it to make money in retirement.  A large number work from home and set up internet marketing businesses.  There are many options for making money online and the majority of senior citizens today have enough computer skills to manage an online business.  All they need is a little training and a website and they are up and running.

How to Get an Online Business Started

There are many places online where you can learn everything you need to know about internet marketing.  The biggest challenge is choosing the right one for you.  Before you get started there are a couple of things to consider.

  • Do you want to sell your own productRetired Bored and Depressed
  • Do you want to sell products as an Affiliate
  • Do you have a special interest you want to build your business around?

When you know what sort of business you want you will need some training to help you

  • Choosing a niche
  • Naming your business
  • Building a website
  • Getting good support
  • Promoting with social media
  • How to optimize your website for the search engines (SEO)
  • How to get answers to any questions you have.
  • What are keywords and how to find them
  • Where to get training and support putting it all together.

It is important to find the right training and support.  There are several very good sites that will teach you all this but the one I recommend and use myself is Wealthy Affiliate.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work

All too many online programs do not deliver everything they promise,  Wealthy Affiliate does.  It also gives you the chance to sign up for free and see what you think before making the decision to become a Premium Member.  They do not have any hidden costs or up-sells and they give the best support that I have ever found online.  When you get stuck with something you don’t want to wait days for an answer, you want it now.  Wealthy Affiliate gives you that with 24/7 chat, community support and the technical support which I found to my surprise recently was almost instant.

I had a problem with this website yesterday.  It had disappeared and would not load.  I contacted the technical support team and within ten minutes the problem was fixed.  I had added a plugin that was not compatible with my website theme.  Problem solved in minutes.  This is the sort of support we all need for an online business.

Wealthy Affiliate free trial comes with 2 FREE websites and start up training.   You will not be asked for your credit card or any other payment details until you make the decision to upgrade your membership to Premium.

Retired Bored and DepressedTime For a New Beginning

Retirement is not the end it is the beginning of a whole new experience in living free.  As a child, you did as you were told by your parents.  As a pupil, your life was controlled by teachers.  When you were working you were controlled by your boss.  Now you are in control of your life.

Of course, that is a pretty basic summing up of life but it is also pretty accurate.  Now it is your turn to cut loose and live your dreams so why not get out there and kick your heels up.  With interest rates in the toilet, our savings are not performing as well as we hoped so a little (or a lot) extra income coming in sounds pretty darned attractive.  But if that is not what you are looking for then the options are truly endless.

Whatever your interests are there is something out there that you can turn your hand to and make your retirement the best years of your life.  Go fishing, take a tour, climb a mountain or join a club.  Whatever you do enjoy it to the fullest.  If boredom and depression come knocking on the door slam it in their face and get out and help someone, talk to people and get an interest to keep you occupied.  Don’t let retirement bowl you over.  Always remember age is just a number it does not define you.

If you are retired or about to retire I would love to hear your plans for the next stage of your life so why not leave me a note below.  Maybe you have some retirement tips to share with the rest of us retirees or maybe you just want to tell me I’m a bit mad.  Whatever it is I would love to hear from you.








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